The benefits of salt scrubs for your skin

Salt scrubs are highly recommended for smooth and glowing skin, a treatment also is commonly
known as the ‘sea salt scrub’ or the ‘salt glow’. Depending on the ingredients, the smell or texture
of the recipes may differ, but the objective remains the same; to get rid of dead skin cells,
allowing you to experience smoother, softer, glowing skin as a result.

Choose the right body scrub based on your skin type

Coffee Salt Scrub
The Soothing and tightening properties of coffee salt (Whitening Scrub Bath) improve circulation and
repair UV damage to your skin

Aloe Salt Scrub
Aloe Bath Salt refreshing moisturizer promotes relaxation and helps regenerate skin fresh aloe
aroma helps relieve stress.

Rose Salt Scrub
Rose salt scrub moisturizes and nourishes the skin, promoting elasticity, improving skin tone,
and reducing acne.

Himalayan Salt Scrub
Himalayan Salt Scrub cleanses the skin and promotes blood circulation, which aids in the fight
against wrinkles and exfoliates the skin.